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Furniture PU Foam
Furniture cushioning foam provides you excellent comfort, support & durability. Further its is soft & offer cool feeling and best suited for chairs, pillows, cushions, sofa sets, beds and many others.
Bra Cup Foam Moulded Cup
Bra cup foam is used for the better comfort & support of the bust. It can be easily stitched or cut. It is ideal for lingerie & swim suits. It is highly durable, flexible and light-weight.
Polyester Foam
Polyester foam have outstanding softness and also have sound absorption, vibration dampening & compressibility properties. Further it is hydrocarbons & alcohols resistance and applicable in automotive, medical and aerospace industries.
Polyurethane Shoe Foam
Polyurethane shoe foam is used for outer soles & mid-soles of sports, formals, trekking & safety shoes. It provides long-lasting comfort & support to your feet. It is highly durable and have shock absorption properties.
Sound Absorption Polyurethane Foam
Sound absorption polyurethane foam enhance sound quality & speech clarity. It also helps to flutter echoes. It is excellent sound absorber with fire-retardant. It is applicable in churches, studios and auditoriums.
Hospital Mattress
Hospital mattresses is also known as therapeutic mattress, that is highly demanded in several nursing homes, hospital & home care. It is used for pressure relief and have fluid-proof & anti-bacterial properties.
High Resilience PU Foam
High resilience PU foam is non-toxic & Eco-friendly foam which is ideal for mattresses, sofa sets, pillows, cushions, bed linen etc. It provides excellent support & comfort. Further is have flawless finish & light-weight.
Viscoelastic Foam
Viscoelastic foam have higher density & viscosity. It helps you to get relieve from back, shoulder & joint pain. It is highly comfortable and ideal for cushions, mattresses, furniture etc.
Automotive Polyurethane Foam
Automotive polyurethane foam generally used in cars for better comfort. It increases fuel economy of the vehicle and reduces fatigue & stress while driving. Further it have longer life, anti-bacterial & sound absorption properties.
Headphone & Earphone Foam
Our organization is indulge in providing an array of Headphone and Earphone Foam to our customers in the market. These have plain surface finish as well as are waterproof and soft.
Flexible Foam
Flexible foam is known for its versatile nature as it is highly efficient & bouncy. It offers excellent comfort & support. Further it is used in furniture, automotive and textile industries.
PU Foams
Wide range of PU Foams are exported by us. These are utilized in the manufacturing of various products owing to their effective thermal insulation property. The foams are colorful and stretchable too.

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